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Verzia z 21:01, 24. august 2011, ktorú vytvoril Marek.mahut (diskusia | príspevky) (initial notes)
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Meeting with Creative Commons 20110824[upraviť]

Attendees: Jonas Öberg (CC), Zuzana Adamova (Intellectual Property Law Institute), Marek Mahut (SOIT)

Meeting minutes[upraviť]

  • Introduction of SOIT
  • Jonas mentioned he invited Martin Mojžiš, but Martin did not attend
  • Zuzana and Jonas chatted about current role of Comenius University in localization process
  • Marek presented thought about SOIT's role in the affiliation, which includes mostly community building
  • Zuzana is working on roadmap draft, but this is proven difficult given the dependency on legal situation in Slovak Republic
  • Jonas reminded it is discouraged to start translations before CC 4.0 is agreed upon
  • Zuzana agreed and mentioned her plan to organize a conference with public discussion at the end of the year
  • Jonas would like to see the roadmap including SOIT as participant
  • Marek mentioned building a strong CC movement in Slovak Republic before legal changes might help us

Action items[upraviť]

  • Zuzana: Contact Martin and inform him about current situation and find out if he is still interested
  • Marek: Setup an initial meeting with Zuzana before CC Summit to review the roadmap
  • Marek: Prepare a proposal for meeting structure


Meeting recording is available upon request.