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Roadmap of Public affiliates[upraviť]

!!! This is just a draft !!!

Public affiliates are responsible for public awareness. Below is the public roadmap.



CC Summit[upraviť]

Creative Commons summit in Warsaw. Meet with CC representatives to present our roadmap and plans for this effort.

Bi-weekly meetings[upraviť]

Organize bi-weekly phone meetings with interested parties. Document progress and present it to CC. Organization of on-site meetings in Bratislava will be ad-hoc.

Fund Raising[upraviť]

Contact via a formal letter various organization with a request for non-for-profit fund raising that will be used for the CC localization effort in Slovak Republic. As possible candidates we see organizations listed below.

  • Red Hat
  • SuSE
  • HP
  • Ústav informácií a prognóz školstva
  • ...

Operation infrastructure[upraviť]

Build and agree upon operation infrastructure such as mailing list, phone meetings, web site and social networks.

Web site[upraviť]

Finish the web site effort and present it to public.

Online marketing initiative[upraviť]

Propose a strategy for online marketing, including social networks and online public awareness.